ABOUT ME AND MY BLOG – and how to navigate around the site


My diary charting my progress with this disease over the past nine years, reflecting my highs and lows, my fight with stopping smoking, changing my diet, nutrition and exercise routines. Finally showing what can be achieved with this disease and that it is not a death sentence.

I can be contacted through my email address which is gina.spence1@gmail.com.


The Front Page – This is an easy read page which will be changed as each week rolls by it is meant to be light and will only contain a small amount of COPD related information.

The left margin – You will find a list of pages which are all COPD related and have some links to posts inserted within them.

The right margin – You will find a list of posts which explain themselves and are a mixture of COPD related news and light hearted every day reads

2000px-West_Riding_locator_in_England.svgI am an ex-teacher and mother to 4 children and live in Yorkshire, England. The red mark shows my position in England. I started with COPD around 2009. This blog I hope will help promote this illness which effects over 1 million people in the UK  today. see British Lung foundation Statistics, Very few people have any real knowledge about COPD and what it is. Most people when you mention Emphysema or Chronic Bronchitis immediately think of cigarettes and that it is a smokers disease, much like sclerosis of the liver is associated with alcoholics. However, you don’t have to have a smoking history to have COPD, I smoked, but many have not ever touched a cigarette. I did not want my Blog  to be all doom and gloom and ONLY about COPD, I wanted to have a light hearted side to it so I have included a few other areas into it from my own life and facebook pages and most of that is on the front page. Within the menus is the technical stuff.

e9cefd9ee00d7eaebdf44ab78f3193b1I decided to do this blog in response to queries I kept getting from many of my COPD friends and the lack of knowledge that there seems to be in how to make the most of your life with this illness in the UK. A lot of people just vegetate at home, don’t apply for the benefits that are out there and suffer from loneliness and isolation. I wanted to make a difference and perhaps help someone. Obviously the people who are not IT friendly which to be honest is quite a number in the age group over 60 will be more difficult to reach and I am at present trying to set up a Breathe Easy group in our local hospice.

The world we live in promotes this horrible disease, fumes from vehiclesbreath-in-inspiration-trust-yourself-life-quotes-sayings-pictures and even cleaning products and our work environment can have a  huge effect on your lungs and how they work. Many people can start off with Asthma and this can develop over the years into a lung disease because of numerous chest infections which cause scaring and lead to a reduced lung function. Chickenpox had a very bad effect on my lungs and after catching it off my son when I was 29, I was very ill  and it left a lot of scaring on my lungs which did not help me at all. I also had a bad case of viral pneumonia when I was 44 whilst going through a stressful divorce which added to the scaring considerably.I hope I can help a few people with this Blog perhaps even helping them to stop smoking and also give anyone who has COPD some knowledge about this subject. as when I was first told I had this disease it sometimes felt a very lonely place to be.


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