I actually didn’t expect to be writing about politics in my blog but there has been so much on the TV and in the news about recent political trends (if that’s what you call it) that it’s difficult for someone like me who has strong opinions on almost everything not to have my say. And, maybe it’s a change from writing about my health and diet attempts. Which are going very well may I add. Well back to politics. And the main word on everyones’ mouths and in everyones’ ear at the moment is Brexit (not a word I like to use). You might think what a nightmare, these stupid northerners have taken us out of the Eurozone what are we going to do now? Here is how the voting looked on a map of the British Isles –


You can see that it wasn’t just the north of England that voted leave it was pretty much all of England.Slight patches survived mostly around London and the suburbs voted IN. Below there is a more detailed example of individual voting areas showing how the vote fell in all areas of the UK. England voted strongly for Leave, by 53.4% to 46.6%, as did Wales, with Leave getting 52.5% of the vote and Remain 47.5%. But Scotland voted 62% Remain and 38% Leave.The referendum turnout was 71.8%, with more than 30 million people voting. It was the highest turnout in a UK-wide vote since the 1992 general election.

Let’s face facts more than 17 million people voted to Leave the EU, more people voted in the UK than have ever voted for anything in the entire history of this country. So, it was a pretty strong vote.

Overall in England alone LEAVE won by 7 percentage points.

how England voted

Two weeks has past now since the vote was taken and has been stated by many newspapers and politicians as a monumental change in British Politics that will have lasting effects either good or bad. Some, don’t even think that it will go ahead as Sean O’Grady states in the Independent –

… I suspect Brexit won’t, in the end, come to pass – because most voters can’t afford it in the short run, whatever the longer term advantages. Call it blackmail by the financiers or the Establishment if you wish, but it is a fairly nasty ransom note all the same.



How did this happen! In 1918 the working man got the vote and it was the working man that was the majority voter in the vote leave campaign. David Cameron made a very bad 5126decision because he did not know the world outside of London he was totally out of touch with the electorate. As stated by Professor Matthew Goodwin, the remain camp underestimated the power of euroscepticism and underestimated the strength of feeling amongst a particular section of British society. This section of society have been through a fundamentally different experience of globalisation and integration and felt left behind and culturally under threat by migration. The reaction of some of the Remain voters both general public and 6a00d8341d417153ef01bb09153da1970d-800widisappointingly MP’s is to say that the Leave camp were a racist and uneducated mob because they did not want uncontrolled movement of labour, which has been driving wages down in many parts of the country. There is nothing racist about people wanting to have a controlled and managed migration system so that they can have a controlled labour force and earn a decent wage.

Many people who voted used their vote as a protest vote. I do not expect that they even thought Leave would win, I was positive it would not win. It was a total shock. In many parts of the country where a high Leave vote was won you will find that they had been hardest hit by the austerity tactics of David Cameron and his government. This was a real fight back by the working man, people voted who never usually voted and I was one of them. I thought in the past, why bother to vote nothing ever really gets any better for us? However, this time I knew I had to vote the strength of feeling amongst the Leave team really inspired me and I knew I had to vote  and support the working man and I did, so did my son, my daughter and my son in law all of us voted Leave.

The past 5 years or so of austerity has really hit the working man hard combine this with economic migration it has been a toxic combination. There were a lot of angry people outsimpsons there willing to put their mark on the voting slip. Migration is good as long as it is controlled and spread around the country equally and not just concentrated in specific areas, which in turn causes stress on our infrastructure and the economy in that area. You will find in the high migration areas the stress on services is high, there is not enough Doctors, Nurses, Schools, housing etc. We should be concentrating on bringing migrants into the country who can help our society like Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, people we need. We don’t need people of the unskilled labor class because we need those jobs for our own people. And what was the Government’s response to over 300,000+ economic migrants coming into our country last year. Oh lets keep going with all the cuts and the austerity programs. Cuts and more cuts, should a government cut back when we have had an influx of people into the country, it was sheer madness, something had to give and it now has.

Our country’s politics are now in disarray, I have never known it as bad as this, we have no prime minister, the labour leader won’t go even when he has no ministers left for hisquote35_large shadow cabinet, it’s like a blinking circus. And all because a Prime Minister was not in touch with his people. But who am I to say I am just one of our working class voters. What I am sure about is that we now need a government to lift the country up out of this doom and gloom mentality that is surfacing since the vote did not go the way of the remain group. We need to be positive now and not negative. Being negative never got anyone anywhere and spreads malaise amongst businesses and the people. The more positive the new Prime Minister is and her cabinet the quicker the country will recover from this blip and carry on to the new independence we have and a much brighter future, because honestly the EU is getting ready to implode it’s not working. AND nothing good comes out of negativity.

So What Next –

Britain’s vote has been a big deal. But it could be the start of something bigger, too. This might be the first of many political expressions of discontent among EU countries, potentially causing the disintegration of Europe.

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One thought on “MY TAKE ON THE REFERENDUM – In or Out

  1. We’re going through something similar here, Gina, and I don’t have an answer for this issue, either. I just hope that it doesn’t become a Syrian Spring with violence spreading all over the world.


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