NEVER LOSE FAITH – It must be Karma!


My appointment for my heart scan was this morning and my breathing was noticeably better for the exercising and for following the advice in the book I have been reviewing so  The 10-Step Program  is definitely working YEH!! I used the breathing techniques that I learnt from the book and emptied my lungs as much as possible to fill with fresh oxygen air and emptied them for the scan. They saw everything this time and said it was quite 835e9a0fd02769f448d4e0120a38af3ceasy to do. I am crossing my fingers and toes that the scan I had on my heart is OK and green to go for any procedures. A blinking general anesthetic is impossible if your heart is on the blip. So I am praying for a good result. Although the scan was OK a young man was doing it and I found it a bit embarrassing, as you have to be naked from the waist up, its OK for a bloke to have it done but I hope I don’t have to have another one.


556f8dfdea43be7dcddc63bcc6fe8455I have had some great news this week, a TRANSFORM study is taking place at the Royal Brompton Hospital and the Doctor responsible for it has asked me to get referred to them, they are doing a lot of different things at the moment, so if valves are not the way forward for me, perhaps something else will be. I am so full of hope now that someone will help. And for those of you who question my motives for writing my blog, well, if it wasn’t for this blog I wouldn’t have know Dr Sam! And other people who have this horrible illness would not see that there is some hope because at times it can become a bit overwhelming, not being able to breath is very scary.

What we need next is a few celebrities who might do a recording for COPD and all the funds could be put to research and for making some very ill people’s life a little bit better. But that’s for next year! Firstly, I had to contact my specialist Dr Graham who is lovely and hopefully she will refer me to Dr Sam. This refering to another consultant is not easy and I am not aware of the process very well. All I know is that this is my life and its a life threatening disease and I have to use my instincts and I know this is the right way to go. I had to change my respiratory doctor to Dr Graham 3 years ago and it was the best move I have ever made. It was a bit embarrassing when I saw the other doctor on the ward but like I say if you have a life threatening illness you have to do some uncomfortable things. At the moment the respiratory department in Huddersfield is short staffed and overworked so I am also asking my GP to refer me too, I have an appointment for them tomorrow. There is a piece that I have read about changing your consultant or doctor the link is here, Changing your Doctor?

Hear is a photo of Dr Sam with a patient who he has treated

Jay Nash of Pulmonx with Annette Eiben and Dr Samuel Kemp

A hospital employee has become the latest emphysema sufferer to undergo a new procedure that is offering a lifeline to people with serious respiratory conditions. Former King’s Mill Hospital worker, Annette Eiben from Mansfield, is the latest person to receive endobronchial lung volume reduction (ELVR) treatment using the Pulmonx Zephyr Endobronchial Valve.

Pulmonx Starts UK Clinical Trial at Royal Brompton Hospital and Other UK Hospitals

Endobronchial Valve Trials – Official Valve Trials Site with details of two trials which are taking place the LIBERATE AND TRANSFORM studies.

Click to see  Video report from Glasgow surgeon Mr Alan Kirk and accompanying press release about the success of these valves in Glasgow Hospital – Press Release Jan 2016

Minimally Invasive Lung Valve Treatment Offering Hope to Emphysema Patients see Endobronchial Valve new lease of life for emphysema patients for full details of Dr Kemp and his patients’ success. Trials will be taking place at seven different UK Hospitals. See the above link for all the info and contact details. Or you can contact-

Dr Sam Kemp through his email

The procedure was carried out by Dr Samuel Kemp, a consultant physician at the Mansfield hospital, and Eiben has described the difference to her quality of life as ‘nothing short of amazing’.

The 58 year old has been living with emphysema for several years and prior to having her procedure the simplest of tasks such as drying herself after a bath or reaching for a plug would leave her breathless, not to mention the daily struggle of walking up and down stairs.

And I think all of us with stage 4 COPD will relate to this! Will carry on with the exercising and losing weight and waiting for my appointments to come through. But at least I now have some hope of a better future. This touching ode to Mohammed Ali serves as a reminder that even in the darkest hour, there is still hope. Listen to this song when the going gets tough.

And I’m that little bit of hope / When my back’s against the rope


5 thoughts on “NEVER LOSE FAITH – It must be Karma!

  1. I’ve just been reading up on your posts. Not been on for a,wee while. I am so happy for you Gina. You have come a long way from the time I got to know you. You are a much more positive person and I am proud of you. Kick copd my friend. Fight fight fight.

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    • I was in a very bad place when I first met you. Gone from someone who did everything for everybody and work etc to someone who just seemed to have to sit there all the time cause they couldnt breath and all the weight I seemed to have put on. I was very down but your help and you showing me those facebook sites turned everything around for me so I will be eternally grateful to you Anne xxx

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  2. Hi Gina, great news re your valves, however has Dr Sam moved as it says on the piece about him that he is from Mansfield hospital, but you are being referred to Royal Brompton, as you know I am having to wait for Jimmy’s and may ask about referral to Dr Sam myself so would like to know how to get hold of this man? am so pleased for you, you are an inspiration.

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  3. Hi, Gina – never apologize for your writing, but especially when it gets you visbility and options not otherwise available to COPD sufferers.

    Not sure what the valve has to do with what appears to be lung reduction surgery, but I’m very excited for you and looking forward to learning more as you do.

    Thanks for your efforts to share your story. It does make a difference to others like me.


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