Exercising and COPD – Come on lets do it together?


As lots of posts that I have written explains, exercise is vital for COPD. It’s so hard to understand why you have to do something that gets you even more out of breath in order to improve your life. It took me a while to get my head around this, especially when I love being on the computer and reading books. I knew that I was not getting anywhere near the amount of exercise that I should be getting, so needed to step up. Dawn Fielding also states the importance of this in her book the COPD Solution see Step Five of my review on her book. She explains the technical reasons why it’s more important for people with COPD to exercise and maintaining an ideal weight.

Every winter for the past four years I have had a few flare ups and as a result the amount of stuff that I am doing is getting less and less. For example, I don’t go to our local store anymore because I can’t walk around now without a trolley. Also, I don’t get petrol fromrunning-omg our local garage, they were used to seeing me every other day because the walk from the pump to the counter gets me out of breath I have stopped using that particular garage. I don’t think it is because I am getting any worse with my lungs, because my FV1 is better than 4 years ago, but I think I am getting more and more out of condition and I have gained more and more weight. It is my own fault for self adjusting in the downward spiral in response to a flare up. So lets remedy this! I must do exercise AND diet. So my first milestone will be going to the garage and been able to walk in and still talk when I get to the counter! What’s going to be yours?


In the past I have been on plenty of different diets, well most women have I am sure of that. And I had a great success with them too until I got COPD. However, I only started the exercise once I had fallen below 12 stone. After I had my children, I used to balloon up to 13Fitbit-Alta-inline-1024x768 stone each time and once I had got the first stone off I would go to the gym or do Rosemary Conley in my front room lol. This was because I found exercising too difficult at first, I was too breathless and that was before I had COPD! So I need to remember that because I have to lose more than 2 stone before I can get down to that now. My Doctor advised me to get an activity band and I have spent hours reviewing the best one, I must admit I quite like one of the most popular ones which is the FitBit, (see FitBit Alta to the right). I feel that an activity tracker will motivate me so I am definitely going to buy one, it’s just which one?


proactive 7

There is a site I found on Twitter called PN Medical and it has a series of videos on it going into exercise and COPD, all you need to do is register and it costs nothing and YES its from the good old USA . Most good resources I have found about COPD up to present has come from the USA except for the British Lung Foundation we definitely need more in Great Britain! Link  For More On The Exercise Series 

Below is an excerpt from another COPD blogger who has experienced this brick wall after winter infections and I think his is a very good approach. I am definitely going to try it, well I already have a bit but I will keep posting on this page my progress.

Regardless of how gentle or serious your COPD is, activity is still a conceivable possibility. You’ll be shocked how much a couple of snippets of activity a day can help.

I’ve learned to ‘warm up’ my lungs before beginning any exercise activity. ForPOWERbreathe-ClassicMediumResistance-1 example, I use a respiratory trainer to warm up and this enhances my lung capacity before I begin working out. It just takes ten minutes—and you’ll probably see that it makes a difference. (To the left is my respiratory trainer, it is called a power breath and you can obtain it on prescription from your doctor. You can also purchase them for around £28 in Argos)

In addition, walking is the another best practice for individuals with COPD. Consistent walking builds up the lungs and enhances relaxing. You ought to attempt to walk day by day for 5 to 15 minutes on end, contingent upon your capacity.

There are a couple of other approaches to get moving when you have COPD. Here are some imperative tips to remember.

  • Move gradually. Frequently, individuals with extreme COPD hustle just a bit while in transit to the washroom or kitchen so their breath won’t run out. Attempt and take it gradually.
  • Add to your activity routine when you feel more grounded. After you sense that you’re ready to move around for over 1 minute on end, attempt 2 minutes. Congrats! You’ve quite recently multiplied your activity schedule!

You’ll be pleased with yourself for trying to move around. The best part about activity of any sort is that it makes you feel great—in both body and brain.

My efforts to pres or you may say at the moment have been walking more! I have done the 6 min walk test but only managed to walk about 500 yards (if that) in 6 mins which is appalling. I have upped my housework and have been doing more for myself. This weekend I am going to walk to my daughters house (not far only about 7 houses down the road but they have big gardens so its quite a way. I will start to record my progress soon on this page.

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