My Appointment at Jimmy’s for Nuclear Scan – Easy Peazy

win-win-quotes-3Well, I have had my appointment at Jimmy’s for the Nuclear Scan and it was very enlightening and encouraging, I think?

I got up this morning, and yes was blinking not feeling great as usual. Why does this happen every time I have an appointment at the hospital! Anyway, I had to get my backside into gear and go anyway because this will never get sorted out if I keep being a pussy about it. So, I had a cup of coffee and got my hair curlers and my slap out and got on with my day.

Elise, arrived at about 9.30 and I had to be there for a 1o’clock appointment and I would never have managed without her, and her partners mother very kindly offered to pick Jacob up at dinner time so we went without children, which was great. I must admit I was scared at what they might find and am wondering if this maybe sets my asthma off.

When I arrived at the hospital and finally found the Department of Nuclear Medicine, I hardly had to wait long at all before he called me in. It was a massive room, and the machine was situated in the middle. He said he would leave me for a bit to get my breath back and then he said to lay down on the bed. I had an injection into my vain a small amount of radio active fluid from what he said and just laid there and let the machine do the work. The fluid he said would colour my blood and show where in my lungs blood and air was not going or was going to!

pray1I closed my eyes and prayed to God that there was only one bad bit on my lungs and that it wasn’t all of it.  Just after I had finished my prayer, the Scan operator said, ‘Its just the top of your right lung that you are having trouble with, is it?’, I said, ‘I am unsure’  he said ‘look’ and I opened my eyes and looked to the left where he was pointing and there was a screen showing a clear image of my lungs and he said, ‘that is your left lung and it looks good its got blood running through it from top to bottom. This is the right side of your lung and you can see at the top this black bit, well thats the bit that is not working but then below it, its fine, right the way down to the bottom’. I could have cried, I was so pleased that it was only that little bit at the top that has been causing me all this grief. So, I imagine that is where they will put my valves, if I get them! He said, you will be jogging soon, but I don’t know about that one.

Now, the specialists will put all the information they have together and come up with a plan. I have another appointment on the 9th March to see the surgeons so we will see then what they intend to do. Until then, I will be carrying on with my exercise and trying to lose as much weight as I possibly can before I see them next.

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