Nine Ways To Improve Your Hair

One of the problems I have had since having this illness is my hair. Theres one thing not being able to breath but there is no need to look awful at the same time!

I was so fed up of my hair it was so thin and was breaking and wouldn’t grow. I was even considering buying a wig at one point!

I asked my Doctor and he said it could be the steroids. So as usual I did some research on the Web the result, I applied what I had learnt and my hair is now growing! The short picture to the right was taken only 8 weeks ago! Amazing

So I thought I would share with you what I have done to achieve this in such a short length of time!

  1. Stopped taking my steroids except when I really had to – its surprising you dont need them as much as you think. I followed my specialists advice and tapered them down and now I only take them when  SHE tells me to. My Doctor had a habit of panicking and throwing them at me every time I had a flare up which as we all know is regularly. Antibiotics and increasing my inhaler often works just as well, but you can be guided by your own doctor.
  2. Stopped washing my hair every other day – I now wash my hair every three days its so much better for it.
  3. Dont use heat on your hair – Its very tempting but try to not use your tongs and straighteners every day. I have been using my hot brush two or three times a week  and I am going to stop that as soon as I can get the front long enough to fasten back.
  4. Let your hair air-dry – I wash my hair on a night and let it dry on its own before I go to sleep. I never use the hairdryer anymore. I will when I have grown my hair back nice and thick but until then its a no no for me.
  5. Get a little help from vitamins – I take Biotin every other day and Vitamin D3  and I make sure I turn up for my B12 injection on time! And eat plenty of protein. I do this through  eggs, I am an egg fanatic I love them. Eat nuts if you are lucky enough not to be allergic they are good also.
  6. Use a really good conditioner that suits you – I have a few that I like but my main go to condition is Aussie for coloured hair and also they do a 3 min treatment conditioner which I use every week.
  7. Get friendly with coconut oil – it is great for your hair.You can just put a smearing on your hands after washing your hair and rub into the ends not the roots.
  8. Use a hairdresser to process your hair – don’t do it yourself! This is lethal, if you are having problems with your hair make sure you don’t do your own colours and get a really good hairdresser.  Even if  vou do not colour your hair it is really good to have a trim every few weeks, just have 1/8th of an inch off to discourage broken ends and loosing hair because of them.
  9. Give your head a massage – its really good for you and battles stress to0 which can also have a negative impact on your hair.

Well that is it! That is all I have done and I hope in the next 8 weeks my hair will grow even longer and thicker because I am exercising more now and exercise also helps grow your hair.







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