WHAT IT IS LIKE TO HAVE A CATARACT REMOVED – Just incase you want to know!

Yesterday, I finally had one of my cataracts removed and I wouldn’t have had to go through this process if I had know that taking too many steroids can cause this!

Although steroids are great when you really need them, some Doctors can over prescribe them, you can get by without having them for work out for the bestweeks on end as I did. I got into a trap with them and couldn’t get off them, as soon as I reduced them, it put me into a flare up so I had to reduce them very slowly. Anyway, the result of being on them for so long was a 4 stone weight gain and a cataract in my right eye! I am much more careful now when I take them and for how long.

I arrived at the hospital with my daughter at 12 noon, she made sure that I got to the right place at the right time, don’t know what I would do without her sometimes. I had got myself so worked up that I had to go half of the way in a wheelchair. She was then able to take off and have the luxury of using my new car for the rest of the afternoon.

I was third on the list the nurse said and probably wouldn’t go in until 2pm which turned into past 3pm in the end. Why do they get you to go up there so blinking early? It gave me longer to work myself up over it and I got more and more worked up with every patient that went in before me, as they came out looking traumatised, but they were men! (sorry men). I kept thinking, I wish I had been the first one in!

The nurse on duty put a bead in the bottom of my eyelid, she said it was to enlarge my pupil. It did, I had a look in my mirror after a while you couldn’t see the colour of my eyes they just looked black! Shortly after that, she squeezed some drops in my eye which stung like hell to further enlarge my pupil which I felt couldn’t get any larger than it was!

We than had to sit and wait our turn, so I waited and I waited thinking of all the blinking things I could have been doing if I had come later and hadn’t had to wait for so long!

Finally it was my turn, a little walk up the corridor and into the operating fc8b730632774c88f9cdc0982eb4bb05room. as usual I was out of breath and had to sit a bit before I could lay down on the bed and arrange myself in the right position. I was quite happy that I didn’t have to put on one of those horrible gowns and had it all done in my day clothes. They put an oxygen stick near my face and then the doctor said look up and she shoved this white thing over my eye which covered my whole face and clipped open my right eye. I said that I couldnt breath and she said yes you can the oxygen is right next to you, it was just me panicking as usual! She shoved further drops in my eye to numb it and other stuff and then started the procedure. I’m not going to go through it all but it included loads of washing my eye out with water in between poking it with her instruments, it reminded me of the dentist except it was my eye that was getting the treatment. The most annoying thing was keeping my eyeball still, every time she sprayed a jet of water into my eye she said, “nooo dont move your eye, please”. How your supposed to not move your eye when it is being assaulted with cold water I don’t know.

Anyway it was soon over and I was back in the other room having a nice cup of tea and biscuits looking a bit like a pirate with a patch over my eye. And looking like the cat that drank the cream: because I’d had mine done and the others were still awaiting their torture lol.

I think the worst part of the whole procedure really was at 4am in the morning when I woke up, I must have pulled the patch off my eye in my sleep and I was in agony. My eye was swollen to death too so I immediately rang the number they had given me and asked them if it should be. They reassured me that this can happen and now just over 24hrs after, the swelling is down and the pain more or less gone and my house looks blinking filthy. Surprising, how bad my sight was, the TV is so much brighter and colours more sharp.

The funny thing is now 12 days later is that my left eye which I had been relying on for so long and was the best eye. The one I felt I had very little problem with is now terrible. And I am feeling increasingly lop sided!

Was it worth the discomfort and pain, yes it was and I can’t wait to get the other one done!! Nice one.

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