My daughter told me some really bad news today its only 8 weeks to Xmas YIKES!!!!


Signed up to pinterest today its fascinating and somewhere for me to put all my lovely quotes and cute pictures and keep them organised.


We all need our mood lifting from time to time especially when you have a chronic illness and can be housebound for days on end. This selection of posts will be devoted to what cheers me up! I hope this will cheer you up too!

I want one of these they look great – Something stupid for today

Might know it was from China they are so inventive those Chinese people, love their flare!

Wow saw a great Advert today for Burberry love the ‘Xmas Adds’ when they start coming out. Marks and Spencers usually does a good one and I loved the one that was done by John Lewis last Xmas (or was it the year before) featuring the song by Lilly Allen. Here it is –



Shopping was ok today I love shopping and it always lifts my mood going out and buying something nice, but still had to hang onto the trolley to get me around Sainsbury’s. However on the bright side was just thanking my lucky stars that I could still get around the supermarket on two feet.

At the same time I was  also wondering what it would be like to be able to buy just what you wanted without having to count the pennies, saw some lovely stuff I would have liked to buy, so I just daydreamed about buying them instead.  It reminded me of guess what? Yes another song and this is it –

I was also told , by a COPD friend of mine who lives down South about an online Card Factory web site which is great for those of us who cant struggle anymore in those packed out card shops. Even standing in one place for a long time gets my breath now (roll on my lung reduction),

Card Factory (Buy all your special cards online)


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