I really enjoyed my work, I was a teacher at our local college and I loved passing on my knowledge to young people. In fact, I enjoyed it so much it wasn’t like work at all to me. From starting to work in my department they had become aware of the fact that I was a stair dodger, I used to get so out of breath going up the stairs I would avoid them as much as possible. Actually it was the worst thing I could have done and has lead to this illness really taking a grip on me now.

Life at work was difficult, by 2009/10 I  had started to get more flare ups and was off work more or less as soon as the term started in September and was ill a lot through the winter. Then it was just a week off or maybe just 3 days and I would recover but as time moves on and the disease progresses its a week or two in hospital. It becomes in fact more life threatening.

f8a8e-life-decisionsWell less of the doom and gloom, in the end I didn’t exit my working life because of this illness, it was through STRESS! Stress is a great aggravator to this and lots of other conditions and my boss was not happy with my absences, I am sure she suspected this illness, so made my life at work so intolerable that I just left! I was at a very low ebb at the time or I may have fought her bullyboy tactics but I had just lost my Mother, Father and my 32 year old son over a period of 18 months so she picked a great time to get me down and I folded in monumental style, it was inevitable. I often wonder if I have a case for ‘Constructive Dismissal’, they turned a workaholic into someone who had panic attacks every time I tried to go back to work. They had just had a major embarrassment in the department and I don’t know if I was paying for this in a way because, I could not do anything right. Andrew Lindo, one of our part time assistants had been charged with murder see the following television clip –

I honestly would never have thought he would have been capable of such a crime he seemed such a nice man. I had been there on one occasion when his wife brought in their new baby and they seemed so happy.He also played the guitar at one of our years department meetings. But, as I spent very little time actually in the department I did not know him that well. But this caused the college some real embarrassment as he had been working with young girls.

tumblr_ltjbq6raP31r4fs4po1_500Stress is a terrible trigger with this illness and because I was constantly in so much stress my asthma was always out of control. Anyway as previously mentioned it wasn’t the COPD that finally made me leave work, it was the stress and that is another story that I have previously mentioned in my section on stopping smoking. And I would like to mention more about that later because it was such a terrible injustice.

5 thoughts on “WORKING WITH COPD

  1. She’s absolutely beautiful. I have a granddaughter who I adore. Reading your diary has given me encouragement to attempt yet another Quit session. Thank you.


      • I was diagnosed with COPD last year, only mild though. I too had a very stressful job, I retired in August, I d had enough. People bringing all their bugs in, I was so open to picking them up. So stressful, that dreadful feeling when the stairs seem like a mountain ! I was a gym bunny until last year, an hour on a cross trainer was nothing to me, treadmill, Zumba and out of the blue this happened. As you said, it’s hard accepting what you re being told. if I could have a pound for every quit smoking attempt I’ve made, I d be a wealthy person ! I went for my usual check up earlier this week and failed miserably. The doctor told me I was slowly killing myself and that made me think. now reading your blog I feel ready to attack this head on. thank you, I will keep reading. Take care of yourself x


  2. Yes you need to stop before you get as bad as me the breathlessness is terrible its difficult to explain to anyone its not just getting out of breath its like you cant get your breath, good luck and keep in touch xx


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